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Natural Calfhide Rug - Beautiful Dark Brown and White Pattern - Approx 79 cm x 70 cm - Luxury Designer Hide by Narbonne Leather Co

€89.95 EUR

Authentic dark brown and white leather calf hide rug that has been handpicked for you! We do not buy in bulk - we select individual pieces to ensure the best quality...

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Authentic dark brown and white leather calf hide rug that has been handpicked for you! We do not buy in bulk - we select individual pieces to ensure the best quality for our customers. The cowhide in the photos is the exact cowhide you will receive - attention to detail that ensures you receive a high quality calf skin

Wonderfully soft for barefeet therefore perfect for bedroom or lounge / living room. Also durable and very good at repelling stains so ideal for busier areas such as hallway, kids room, indoor area or business reception

Enhance the decor of your home with this traditional leather centrepiece. Or perhaps it's the perfect and unique gift for a housewarming, birthday or christmas present for one you love?

This animal hide comes with a free Narbonne Leather Co Animal Skin Care Kit and separate Guide detailing tips on cleaning and caring for your cowhide.

All shipments are tracked so your purchase is always in safe hands. Even after it arrives we are with you all the way to guarantee a great buying and receiving experience - available to answer any questions you may have about your new hide

Additional Information

This unique cowhide has been handpicked for you from South America by Narbonne Leather Co, a family business with over 40 years of industry experience.

The average length of hair for our cowhides is approx 1-3 cm lying flat

Before you buy your cowhide rug we recommend measuring the area where you envisage your rug, to make sure the cowhide will complement the space.

The guide leaflet we enclose with the cowhide will advise you on caring for your cowhide including how to remove any creases due to storage and shipping of the cowhide

Remember this is a natural product - the skin may have the odd small scratch or patchwork on the underside (floor side)

On rare occasions there may be a very small mark on the cowhide where the cow may have for example brushed up against something. Like us humans, cows have imperfections too!

This will not impact on the beauty of the rug as we have still chosen it during our handpicking process (and we are very, very fussy!). We will however do our very best to show any imperfections in the photos

We are experienced sellers with great feedback across Europe. We will support you throughout the buying process, from order tracking to post delivery assistance if you require or have any questions. We are here to help!

Wash Instructions

To clean use a gentle cloth and warm water (this can be slightly soapy)


100% natural leather hide (cow, sheep or goat depending on listing)

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